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The Zoning & Planning Office  provides the following services for land use applicants:
    • Review, processing, & issuance of zoning permits.
    • Review, processing, & advice on waivers, conditional uses, subdivisions, & site plans.
    • Noticing of required public hearings for board review.
    • Issuance of notices of decision.
    • Assistance in reviewing property records.
    • General planning & zoning advice.

Enforcement of the Planning & Zoning Regulations are also provided by this department.

For information on planning, zoning & economic development issues, please call the Department during regular business hours.

Campaign Sign Placement Rules in Morrisville

1. Campaign signs shall not placed on town, state or school property. Signs put in these locations will be removed and brought back to the town offices. And yes, the triangle in front of the Noyes House museum is public property where a sign cannot be placed.

2. Campaigns signs placed out on front of a house should not be placed so close to the road as to create a nuisance.

3. No campaign sign shall be larger than 6 square feet.

4. Please only one sign for candidate. Multiple signs on a property is ok as long as they are each for different candidates on the local ballot.

5. Please remember to remove campaign signs after the election is over. I end up with dozens of these orphaned campaign signs each year, where they sit at the Town Offices next to orphaned yard sale signs. (My trash hauler thinks I have a sign hoarding problem at my house).

Thank you for all helping me abide by the Town's simple rules regarding campaign signs so I don't have to spend hours picking up stray or misplaced campaign signs. Campaign signs are the least fun part of being your Zoning Admin when it comes to enforcement. I simply try to make sure everyone plays by the same rules while trying to keep the town looking nice.


Todd Thomas; Planner, Zoning & Health Officer

Direct Line: 802-888-6373

E-mail tthomas@morristownvt.org


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