Welcome to the Town of Morristown

 The Morristown Selectboard is a five member group that is elected at Town Meeting by the Community.

The Board meets every other Monday starting at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Meeting room located in the Tegu Building.
The public is welcome and is encouraged to attend the meetings.

If you would like to receive and Agenda Please e-mail
Erica Allen 
and write "Agenda Please" in the subject line.
Brian Kellogg, Vice Chair      bkellogg@morristownvt.org           2  yr term expires 2019
Liaison to Fire Department
Christopher Towne             ctowne@morristownvt.org                   1 yr term expires 2019
Liaison to Town Government
Eric Dodge                          edodge@morristownvt.org               3 yr term expires 2020
Liaison to Highway Department
Judy Bickford                     jbickford@morristownvt.org             2 yr term expires 2020
Liaison to EMS Department
Bob Beeman, Chair             bbeeman@morristownvt.org            3 yr term expires 2021
Liaison to Police Department